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  • What is Botanical printing?
    Botanical printing is a water-based process used to apply color from plants onto natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool and silk. Leaves and flowers are bundled tightly against the fabric and processed in hot liquid or steamed.
  • What are Natural Dyes?
    Natural dyes are textile colorants that are derived from plants, insects and other natural materials. They are steeped in history, mystery and lore and each culture has its own set of prized colors, traditions and meanings. Prior to the mid-19th century, all dyes were from the natural world. Blue came from indigo, yellow from a variety of plants, including fustic and dyers’ greenwood, red from madder roots and cochineal insects, purple from logwood and brown from walnut or cutch. These plants were gathered or harvested then chopped or crushed and soaked in water to release their colors. Recipes on how to achieve brilliant shades were closely held secrets and passed from generation to generation.
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